Jan 28, 2021

Dear friends, collaborators, and colleagues,

I hope 2021 is bringing some new light to each of you!  I am ever grateful to be part of such a committed community of practitioners, especially over the last year and recent months. I want to thank the teams that brought some much needed hope in our work together during 2020.

Thank you, Grounds for Sculpture, Eyebeam, Joan Mitchell Center, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Time Square Arts, and the very special project team for STO TE NEMA 2020.  It’s also been a pleasure to give talks & connect with KODA, Chautauqua Art School, Wassaic Project, & POWArts (see videos here)!

This year, I am thrilled to be taking on some new roles across the field- each of them offering a space to work with communities and people seeking to rise towards the opportunities of this moment.

Last fall, I began a dedicated mentorship with the collective Decompose (Remina Greenfield and Shuyi Cao) as part of their time at NEW INC. I look forward to working with them through the spring!

In December, I started as the Interim Managing Director of Common Field.  Common Field is a non-profit that connects, supports, and advocates for a network of 700+ independent arts organizations and organizers. 2021 marks a critical moment of transition for Common Field and I couldn’t be more excited to move the board, staff, and our network through it together. I encourage you to join our community, sign up for a free membership in 2021 today!

This month I stepped into the position of Board Chair for Art + Feminism. Special thanks to our Executive Director, Kira Wisniewski, and fellow founding board members Michael Mandiberg and Roderick Schrock for such a great year of building. More to come!

Next month, I invite you to join me on February 11, at 4:00pm EST for KODA’s online Professional Development for Artists symposium. I’ll be speaking alongside Mark Chambers, Tatiana Arocha, Robin Cembalest. It’s free! You can find out more about what we’ll discuss and sign up here!

Finally, I leave you with a topic that’s been on my mind - Equality versus Equity.  This short piece by Maryam Abdul-Kareem offers some insights worth considering,  Here’s Why We Should Care More About Equity, Not Equality

As always, I welcome a conversation, new ideas, and anything else that’s on your mind!

Here’s to a year that will bring us closer,