April 18, 2022

Dearest friends,

I’m writing to you for the first time in a while to share some big transitions I have been working on (during some rare time away for rest in Joshua Tree!).

In January, I arrived in the desert landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico, my new home base - a  shift from 20+ years of city living (Chicago and New York). Here, I am discovering the quiet but vibrant life of these arid environments - plants and animals that show great resilience, an ecosystem that thrives in scarcity and supports an abundance of life. It's not the buzz of the city running through me that I love, or the lush fields and humid afternoons in Kentucky I can still smell, but instead, the subtle hum of a rugged natural world calling me in. I’m also so grateful for the warm community welcome here and the networks that brought us together in the southwest.

A special thanks to those of you who made community with me in life, art, and work in New York for 11 years. Because of you it will be a forever home and the true beauty of any place you call home is never having to say good-bye, but only, see you again soon. 

As Lohar Projects approaches year three next month (May!), I am so grateful to continue working on projects and programs that support artists and new possibilities for our future. Most significantly, my role at Common Field as Executive Director and our current work to sunset the organization has been especially transformational over the last year. You can read about our process, decision and outcomes here. Truly, it is an honor to be part of a board and staff team that together are reaching for a horizon line beyond the life of any one organization - a call to the field and to one another for the future.

This year, I continue working with artists across the country online and onsite again too! For the winter series of The Dots Between, (a professional development program for artists founded by Tamara Bates),  I led three workshops including a new seminar I developed to support building agency in the field for BIPOC practitioners. I’ll be traveling to New York in May to work with Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts SHIFT residency artists (as a proud alum too!) and to New Orleans in June to engage with the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s new cohort of Joan Mitchell Fellowship Artists. I am also working with Creative Capital to support their awardee artists and the Kresge Artists in Detroit cohort in 2022. Later this summer, I’ll also look forward to sharing more about a curatorial project (in the works since 2019) launching this fall in New York with my favorite (and very talented) co-curator Anna Harsanyi! 

I’m away from email this week but as always, I offer you my time, for a conversation, a laugh or new possibilities together when I return! I leave you with my view of the new pink moon on April 16, 2022 from Joshua Tree, CA - I hope you felt its energy too.

Wishing you support in community!