Lohar Projects is an arts and culture advising agency founded in 2019 by Sheetal Prajapati. Lohar Projects offers advising and consulting services for artists, arts professionals, creative public projects, and cultural organizations to grow, change and most importantly, thrive in community. 

Sheetal Prajapati, Principal & Founder

I am an arts professional with over 20 years of experience in the creative and cultural sectors. Before launching Lohar Projects in 2019, I  worked within arts and cultural organizations of all sizes for 16 years, supporting creativity and expression as an arts administrator, educator, program curator, advisor, and engagement expert.

Now, I work with arts and cultural organizations to lead vision and strategy planning, develop public engagement initiatives, and support growth or change.  I also spend time with creative people at all stages in their careers as a mentor, advisor, and professor.  I am based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and work with artists and clients across the country and beyond.

Trained as an arts administrator and practicing as an educator and artist, I bring both a creative and strategic approach to  advising with a focus on fostering a collaborative process with clients.



 2021. Photograph by Luvia Lazo

I regularly give talks and workshops and work across the field in a range of capacities. You can learn more about my experience and my broader practice at sheetalprajapati.com.