WATCH RECENT TALKS & PANELS Bringing it Together: Interdisciplinary Practice in the Arts April 13, 2021; Creative Capital 
Art in Action: Public Art in Process  February 11, 2021; KODA (virtual)
Survival & Success: Women of Color in the Arts November 12, 2020; POWArts (virtual)
Chautauqua Visual Arts Lecture Series: Sheetal Prajapati September 8, 2020 (virtual)
Professional Development for Artists (video and summary report) February 11, 2020; KODA, New York
MFA Lecture Series: Sheetal Prajapati March 26, 2019; School of Visual Arts, New York 

Across and In Between Disciplines: Making Interdisciplinary Practice Sustainable March 15, 2021; Interview with Creative Capital 
Why this Filipino artist chose to create vulva-shaped glasses
August 5, 2020; CNN Philippines (Goldieland Studios)
Travelling coffee-cup memorial for Srebrenica's dead comes home
July 10, 2020; Reuters & New York Times (STO TE NEMA 2020)
Kehinde Wiley’s Anti-Confederate Monument
December 2019, New Yorker Magazine (Times Square Alliance)
They Keep Times Square in Order, and a Statue Front and Center
November 29, 2019 , New York Times (Times Square Alliance)
Kehinde Wiley’s Times Square Monument: That’s No Robert E. Lee
September 27, 2019, New York Times (Times Square Alliance)

Art, Engagement, Economy: The Working Practice of Caroline Woolard.
Written by Caroline Woolard
and contributors; Onomatopee 183 (Netherlands), 2020. 

Meditations on Power (2020)
Rules for Students and Teachers (2020)