Game Night, Denny Gallery, 2016. Photo: Beatriz Meseguer

︎ Approach

︎    Value-Centered, People-Focused
Lohar Projects’ practice is grounded in centering shared values for our work together, building strategies and projects that support the people that bring ideas to life.

     Mutual Exchange
Mutual exchange is a key part of our work to develop or implement a shared vision.  Lohar Projects is committed to taking the time to build a relationship with you and learn together to meet new possibilities. 

︎    Equity Building 
Equity Building is a framework for any work we do together. This means something different for every organization and project but we should always be asking the question “Are we providing our community with what they need to thrive?”

︎    Carrying Ideas Forward
Lohar Projects wants to ensure that our work together provides you with tools to carry your ideas and questions into action, even beyond our time together.


︎ Research and Relationship Building
Get to know each other.
Get to know you, the organization/work and landscape of inquiries

︎Goals and Service Development
Make a plan together.
Turn your questions and challenges into focused goals to develop a strategy and process for discovery and implementation

Make it happen.
Lead and implement the process with you and your constituents

︎ Recommendation
Make sure you can keep building.
Deliver a summary of the work that can include recommendations, next steps, strategies or tools for sustainability and growth.