I am committed to a practice of relationship building and collaboration at the core of my advising service. I take an exchange-based approach to consulting - defining challenges, setting goals, and realizing desired outcomes together with you. As an artist and educator, I believe each project and client deserves a tailored creative process to meet their goals. 

︎ Values
︎     Inclusion in ExchangeLohar Projects values listening and engaging with voices from the broadest range of perspectives to understand the needs of an organization, idea, or individual. 
︎    Equity in Attention 
Lohar Projects is committed to providing the time and attention necessary for our work to unfold together.
︎    Values in Action  Lohar Projects will work with you to define a set of values for your organization’s work and put that definition into action. 


︎ Research and Relationship Building
Get to know each other

I’ll get to know you, the organization and landscape of inquiries for our work together. 

︎Goals and Service Development
Make a plan together.

We’ll turn your questions and challenges into focused goals and I will develop a strategy and process for discovery. 

Make it happen. 

 I will lead and implement the process with you and your constituents. 

Make sure you can keep building.

I will write and deliver a summary report of the work including recommendations, next steps, and tools for sustainability and growth.